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The Language of Angels

Now only the most practical, but probably the only course of its kind anywhere in the world today, THE LANGUAGE OF ANGELS is specifically for those wishing to learn the practical aspects of real world communication with Angels.

Course Outline


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Course Duration:

Specifically geared towards the unique and individual needs of each student, this first course is delivered over 12 Units and 27 lessons that can be studied individually, and at the pace that best suits you. Designed to be followed over a period of 6 months, students have 12 month’s access to the programme, which means that there is no rush to complete the lessons, practical activities and assessments.

Course Teaching Methods:

Online course, including audio and individual online support from the tutor. Series of 12 Units with materials for each lesson supplied by Tutor. Interactive notice board for students to raise questions and theories.

Each lesson will have tasks and activity for students to do in their own time and to email back to Tutor.

The complete course includes a free copy of the course book.

Course Equipment:

  1. Copy of King James Bible
  2. An Angel Book - This is a simple exercise book which can be anything from a small note book to a diary. It is for your personal use only. It is to be used for recording your Angel encounters and Angel work in. Including the gifts the Angels may leave you without your awareness.
  3. Copy of the The Language of Angels, however, each lesson will come complete with its own course materials including the Psalm and any other spiritual scripture needed.

Outline of Course:

The course commences with an Initial Assessment and the need for students to consider what the term Angel mean to them.

Lesson 1

  1. Angels
  2. Who, what, how - A brief history on the Angels.
  3. Angels all around us - we all have a personal Angel who walks with us.
  4. The gifts Angels leave us - Angels may have been trying to contact you without you realising.
  5. Tasks
  6. Find our who your Angel is.

Lesson 2

  1. Protection
  2. How to differentiate between light and negative Angels
  3. How to communicate safely with the Angels. (Similar to the Green Cross Code. Think of Angel Language as the White Cross Code.)

Lesson 3

  1. The Archangels
  2. Who they are, and their importance.
  3. How to communicate with the Elohim at their level

Lesson 4

  1. Language and Correspondences.
  2. The time, day, colours, incense, crystals and oils of Angels to be used.

Lesson 5

  1. Angels, language for communications pertaining to love and relationships including friendships.

Lesson 6

  1. Angels, language and communications regarding business, including financial help and legal enterprises.

Lesson 7

  1. Angels, language and communications regarding health, including physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Lesson 8

  1. Angels, language, and communications pertaining to protection including different forms of travel.

Lesson 9

  1. Angels, language, and different forms of communication regarding luck including eliminating bad luck and ensuring good luck.

Lesson 10

  1. Angels, language, and different forms of communication regarding career including choosing the right one and listening to what your Angel has to say on the matter.

Lesson 11

  1. Angels, language and communications with guidance and for the protection of the Animal Kingdom.

Lesson 12

  1. Angels, language and communications pertaining to the health of the world including spiritual health of all peoples.
  2. Light workers level of consciousness.
  3. The universal interaction of love.

Formative Assessment

Course Cost:

The course fee includes unlimited access to the lessons, exercises, tuition and course completion workbook, AS WELL AS unlimited and ongoing tutor support throughout. At the end of this course you will be able to use THE LANGUAGE OF ANGELS to the most amazing advantage.

The course Fee is £147.00, with a refund of the book cost if you have already purchased it from Dodo Publishing direct. Course payment is made through our online e-commerce provider EazyPay UK. Thank you.

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